Let’s celebrate the spirit of free India. The Patriotic songs in hindi below is dedicated to all the martyrs and freedom fighters who dedicated their lives and career for Our beloved country India.

1. Jhanda oocha rahe humara: Flag song of India

The song was originally written by Shyamlal Gupta on March 1924, a freedom fighter and a true patriot, Gupta are also popularly known as ” parshad” got Padma-Shree and his song accepted as a flag song of India in 1896 in the presence of all political veterans. The songs inspire every heart to dedicate his life towards his beloved country, India. It teaches fearlessness. Nothing is bigger and important than your motherland.



” O my beloved country, We can die for you any day, any time. Our heads are gifted in your service as a Garland of flowers. We can die for you any day, any time. Immaterial of our caste, creed, colour, identity. We all are United and available to your service. No evil eye can harm you, As we stood steady and alert to kill your enemy. We can die for you any day, any time.”

Let’s not forget the importance of freedom. The legends, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev sacrifice their lives with a smile on their face. Freedom comes with great responsibility . It is our duty to take care of our motherland and forget and erase all things which comes against our development. The path is not easy. Let’s not forget , there are thorns which needs to be removed.

India is the mother of civilization. Whosoever has come in India has filled with joy and happiness. We are givers and never cheat anyone. We know how to love and stay committed. The almighty has bestowed our land with rich resources and culture. This is Hindustan who has respected all religion and believes in equality. Every morning you can hear the mantras from the temple, Azan from the mosque and prayers from the Church.Unity in diversity is the need of the hour. Live and let live, we believe in the philosophy of Gautam buddha of peace and self-realization.

O my dear country, you are the most beautiful thing happened to me. I am privileged that I born on your soil. I pledge that I shall work hard to maintain your dignity and will strive to keep everybody United. There is a fragrance of love everywhere. 12 months are celebrated with different festivals. Each festival is soulful and bring people together. We worship Stone, Moon, Sun and whatnot .Guests are treated as God. Where you fill find such land? Where every aspect of living changes after every mile. In spite of so much difference we are one and united. O my motherland India, if this world is a crown, you are the jewel on it.

It’s time to retaliate. Living and working for peace, let everyone know we are not weak and will never entertain anti national activities., Now it’s time to show and tell the world.
We can establish and achieve peace with and without conflicts. Peace cannot be achieved overnight, One has to constantly work towards the path of peace and nations security.

Subaschandra Bose Image 


Come back home . Wherever you stay, wherever you go. Your memories are in my heart. Every level of success is achieved, now what? Am I happy? Yes, its happiness, but it is only a layer which will be invisible after you woke up. Settling down is not crime, but forgetting your mother is.

The world needs peace and development. Let every heart fill with joy. Let there be bread, cloth and shelter to everyone. Let there not be discrimination on the basis of caste and race. Let’s not forget, the more we built concrete jungles, the more we are nearing to death. Plant more trees and this should not be a drive or hobby, there should be law everywhere. Because tree only gives oxygen, which is life. Nation building is not just material building but to nurture, protect and respect every life.

It is difficult to grasp every subject for an average pupil in a knowledge-based education system. The teachers are pressurized to complete the syllabus within a stipulated time frame. The bright students grasp it , but in a strength of 40 pupils, only 10 understood thoroughly well , what is being taught in the school. Result – till the graduation majority of students are confused what knowledge they have gained.

Students are in immense pressure nowadays. With the advent of the technology, now there are smart phones, every normal student is carrying. The three WWW has both good and bad knowledge. Phone companies should innovate the student friendly software, which would not be a worry for parents. The school and the government should implement such practices which will not disturb the pupil education till graduation. Parents and teachers are also equally responsible. If the artist will fill wrong colour in the picture. The final portrait will be a failure.

The need of the hour in India is skill-based education. It will make the student ready for a specific job, right from the high school level.This system should support courses in modules that covers a broad range of skills. it will create a whole new opportunity and self-reliance in the education system in India.

For any country, it is essential, its citizens especially commoner should understand the issue first and then react. Without knowing the facts and the reality of the situation things can create panic situations. It is the duty of the citizens, especially living in a democracy should not vaguely be judgmental about anything.

When a baby resides in mother’s womb, he/ she hears so many sounds. Mother’s womb is baby’s first rhythm house. Similarly, the rhythm of India is the rhythm house of classical music. Our music connects to the divine. The ragas( Indian classical music) are six musical modes which express different moods. From north to south, east to west, every tune is producing the Indian melody.

Patriotic Songs – 55 DESHBHAKTI GEET


1.Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo – Haqikat

2. Mera Rang De Basanti Chola – Shaheed

3. Vande Mataram – Anandmath

4. Ae Watan Ae Watan – Shaheed

5. Apni Azadi Ko Hum – Leader

6.Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein – Hum Hindustani

7. Apne Watan Me – Didi

8. Awaz Do Hum Ek Hain – Unity Song

9. Is Desh Ko Rakhna Mere Baccho Sambhal Ke – Jagriti

10. Watan Ki Raah Main – Shaheed

11.Mere Desh Ki Dharti – Upkaar

12. Hai Preet Jaha Ki – Purab Aur Paschim

13. Dulhan Chali – Purab Aur Paschim

14. Saathiyo- Saat Hindustani

15. Ye Dharti Hain Balidan Ki – Jagriti

16. Is Desh Ka Yaaro – Naya Daur

17. Woh Bharat Desh Hai Mera – Sikandar e Azam

18. Jannat Ki Hai Tasveer – Johar In Kashmir

19. Neta Tumhi Ho Kal Ke – Ganga Jamuna

20. Mere des ko dekhne – Jigri Dost

21. Jo Chu Le Mujhko Pyar Se – Dharti Kahe Pukar Ke

22. Sambhal Ke Rehna – Talaq

23. Mefile Saja Lo – Lalkaar

24. Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani- Shree 420

24. Hoto Pe Sachai – Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai

25. Watan Pe Jo Fida  – Phool Bane Angarey

26. Na Jhukega Sar Watan Ka – Hindustan Ki Kasam

27. Har Karam – Karma

28. Aaj 15 August hai – Clerk

29. Ye Duniya- Pardes

30. Bole So Nihal.. Saatshriyakaal – Border Hindustan Ka

31. Jalwa – Hindustan Ki Kasam

32. Mera Mulk – Diljale

33. Kandho Se Milte – Lakshya

34. Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera – Swades

35. Yeh Tara Woh Tara – Swades

36. Aisa Des Hai Mera – Veer Zaara

37. Des Rangeela – Fanaa

38. Bharat Humko – Roja

39. Des Mere Des Mere – The Legend Of Bhagat Singh

40. Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna – The Legend Of Bhagat Singh

41. Pagdi Sambhal – The Legend Of Bhagat Singh

42. Shubh Din – Parmanu

43. Thare Vaste – Parmanu

44. Main Ladh Jaana – Uri

45. Hume Bharat Kehte Hain – Hotel Mumbai

46. Har Pal Ye Kehna – Manikarnika 

47.Salaam India – Mary Kom

48.Jhanda Ooncha Rahe Hamara- Flag Song

49.Sare Jahan Se Acha – Deshbhakti Song

50. Ae Mere Watan Ke Logo – Deshbhakti Song

51.MIle Sur Mera Tumhara – Doordarshan

52.Desh Raag – Doordarshan

53.Pyar Ki Ganga Bahe, Desh Mein Eka Rahe – Mukta Arts

54.Amma Tujhe Salaam –  A R Rehman

55.Tujhpe Kurbaan Main Janeman – Mere Mehboob Mere Watan




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