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The Djembe Melody

The djembe is a drum that was played for the king of Mali in West Africa and it became a very popular drum. Wherever the king goes, post-pre battle, celebrations and any event, playing djembe now became the tradition. It is a very loud drum with a strong beat, so this drum was used as a form of communication that would use from mountain top to tell people about the King was coming. In fact, there’s a rhythm that actually talks about the king incoming. So literally this drum was called a communication device.


The djembe drum is made out of four different parts the top part is made out of goatskin then to hold the goat skin down are three metal rings. The metal rings are connected with rope or string and then the main part and most important part of course is the wood.

The three sounds that come out of the djembe drum are bass, tone and slap. Again, it is not necessary, a good professional or passionate player can produce different sound, so no constraints.

There are some beautiful ways to create unique sound from jembe which you must try and I must share:

1. Cover the djembe with a newspaper page and feel the sound coming out of it.

2. Try covering it with aluminium foil and play the same.

3. Get some ghungroo ( a musical anklet tied to the feet of classical Indian dancers. … A string of ghungroos can range from 50 to greater than 200 bells knotted together.) Tied on your finger. With this, you get the feeling, as if you are playing drums.)

The best way to play the instrument is to hold it between the thighs. This gives you proper control and also produce good sound.

The face of the djembe is made of goat skin and synthetic material. Goat skin djembe plays all kinds of tunes . I’ve heard Goat skin djembe produce less bass. I disagree with it, it’s depend upon the player and techniques. Synthetic skin djembe won over animal skin, when to play in humid conditions. The fiber in the synthetic head djembe made it possible to play in all climatic conditions. 


All professional djembe is made of wood. The wood body of Djembe produces good sound. The bass coming out of it is soothing to the ears. Players from West Africa and around the world play drums, which are handcrafted. The craft person knows the soul of the instrument and are well connected with the soil. Their passion takes the instrument building to a different level. There are so many versions of this beautiful instrument. But the best one is the traditional wooden made djembe made by the craft person. Another point is the tuning. This is a rope tuned instrument. The nylon mountain climbing rope is very strong.You can tune the drum up as much as you want it’s very comfortable. 


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