Charlie Chaplin Film Citylights

Scenes that are soul of the movie

  • City Lights ( English film)
Charles Chaplin
Virginia Cherrill
The Climax Scene
Charlie Chaplin does not need any introduction. His talkie
movies are as good as his silent movies and city lights is one of them. Ah!
City lights is a story about a tramp (The Character playedby Charlie in most of his movies) who fall in love with a blind girl and eventually gathered money in a do or die situation for this girl’s eye
The city lights create a powerful impact in the mind with lots of surprised human emotions. Creating humour out of nowhere is what Chaplin’s specialty.The movie is a 2-hour silent drama with a fantastic background music composed by Mr. Charles Chaplin.
No doubt all scenes of city lightsare extraordinary and pure magic. But the climax scene is the real Showstopper .” Hail to the legend. ” it will make you cry, no matter how tough you are. What an intense scene !
” after completing the jail term ,Charlie comes on the same street where he first saw the blind girl. Hungry, clothes torn and bullied by the local children , he saw his lady love from the front glass door of the
shop. There she is, blooming, happy and seeing the beautiful world. “I’ve made the conquest “that look on Charlie’s face. An expression of selfless love and immense satisfaction. He does not reveal his true self to the girl whom he helped. In the next scene the girl dramatically touched his hand and come to know , Charlie’s is the same guy who stood strong in her tough times/I
f you have a sensitive, loving and caring heart and mind, we highly recommend this movie.

  • Half ticket ( Hindi Movie)
Kishore Kumar
Madhu bala
The marriage proposal scene
Hindi Film Half Ticket
Kishore Kumar, powerhouse and a multitalented soul. His contribution to Indian cinema is immense and immortal. Actor, Singer, Composer, Director Kishore Kumar was famous for his versatility and a unique comedy style. One of his hits “Half ticket” is a feather in his entire film journey. An out an out KK ‘ s comedy. This movie justifies the phrase “laughter is the best medicine.”
In this movie he played the character of happy go lucky careless guy who travels to Mumbai with a half ticket.One such scene is unforgettable and makes you gaggle for sure. Kishore Kumar’s father wanted him to marry his friend’s daughter. His friend came to see Kishore Kumar before finalizing the marriage
.(Ha-ha,normally in India, the guy and his family goes to see the girl before marriage) What follows afterwards is an unbearable laughter riot.Kishore Kumardid not want to marry, and to avoid, he posed himself as a mental and immature guy in front of the daughter’s father. This scene is simply hilarious and remains in the memory for long.

  • The classic ( Korean movie)
Jo in sung
Son ye jin
The umbrella scene
2003 Korean Film The Classic
Love comes back. They loved each other, but circumstances keep them apart. Their true devotion to each other brings their children together. If we are in love, we shouldn’t worry about the outcomeSometimes love is complete in incompleteness, alsoo, the scenes of the movie are brilliantly done and create lasting impressions in the mind of the viewers. The umbrella scene is my favourite and picturised beautifully. The expressions and innocence of both the actors have been captured immaculately. It was raining heavily, when she runs towards the tree located in the college campus to take cover. Under the tree, she saw him, coming in her direction. She turned her
back and stood in the opposite direction.
He : Where are you going?
She: In the library
He: it’s far, you will get wet
She: No, it’s not far, I can go
He: listen to me , this rain doesn’t seem to stop.
She: No, I can reach
there by taking shelter in each building on the way.
He: than I will take you there with my special umbrella.
His umbrella is nothing but the coat , under which they both
run building by building to reach the library. The intriguing background song
uplifts the moment and add life to the scene. Just watch this scene, I bet you
watch the entire movie. Love story of two generations explained in simple and
touching manner.

  • Remember Sunday ( English film)
Gus pleading to Doctor scene
Zachery levi
Alexis bedel
Alexis Bledel Image
Gus suffers from short term memory loss. Every time he gets up in the morning, he forgets what happened
the previous day.Every single day is an adventure to him. Molly, a lonely waitress work at the local coffee house, struggling with her life falls for gus, working at a jewellery shop. Thereafter things take twists and turns. Gus, wanted to tell her about the illness, but situation was not favourable to him. After lots of misunderstandings , Sara comes to know the truth. What happens next is a treat to watch. Simple story
telling with some amazing performances.
On the whole all scenes are well executed and shot. But this
particular scene where Gus begs the doctor to help to get his mind back. The scene is heart-breaking,when Gus
says, ” Doctor, please fix me up.”
This love story is a poignant portrayal of human emotions.
A must watch movie to remember,”Remember Sunday.

  • The Edge (English Film )
Killing the bear scene
Anthony Hopkins

Alec Baldwin


The Edge Movie


Wisdom and knowledge can save your life.It is evident in this movie where one bear, hunt for these three characters who lost their way in the valley of the rocky mountains. The scene actually is a climax scene where Anthony Hopkins, built a spear out of a wooden branch to kill this wild bear. His entire knowledge and readings come to save the situation. This scene depicts true essence of courage and determination. Despite his old age, he managed to save his teammate who is younger than him. The entire movie is about love, betrayal and kindness. Where, in the end kindness wins!





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