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In the words of Federico Fellini, talking about dreams is
like talking about movies, since the cinema uses the language of dreams; years
can pass in a second and you can hop from one place to another. It’s a language
made of image. And in the real cinema, every object and every light mean something, as in a dream.
Very true, Cinema has been the strongest medium to reach out to
various destinations in just a couple of hours. When you watch a movie, your brain
stimulates with infinites thought and possibilities. Sometimes you relate to a
particular scene or a movie. The after effects are such that for months and
years that movie impact your life.
 Professor Sean and the Movie Ticket: 

In the early 60s, Sean was conducting research at a renowned college in the town of Maulichz. A diligent and focused individual, Sean had a clear sense of purpose and knew exactly what he wanted from life. One day, his group of friends decided to watch a newly released movie at the famous theater in town. While waiting for his friends at the entrance, Sean noticed Clara, a beautiful girl making her way towards the theater. Clara was dressed in a white glossy top and scintillating golden-brown trousers. Sean was truly impressed by her appearance. His eyes were restless, constantly fixated on Clara. She noticed him and reciprocated his expression.

At the ticket counter, Clara’s friend informed her that the theater was full and they would have to return. Sid overheard this conversation and wasted no time striking up a conversation with them. “Hey miss, would you like to buy tickets from me? I was waiting for my friend, but he didn’t show up. I’m afraid we won’t make it,” he said.

Clara thanked him and purchased the tickets. Sid didn’t want to accept the money, but he was still a stranger to Clara. Yes, he was teased by his friends later for this encounter.


It was love at first sight. Sean was deeply in love with Clara. After that day, he would sit near his telephone for hours every day, hoping Clara would call. Yes, he had left his phone number and a small note on the movie ticket, saying “Want to Know You More.”

Days passed, but Sean couldn’t accept the fact that Clara hadn’t called. Did she overlook the ticket? Had she not read the note yet? All these questions made him restless. After seven days, he decided to go to the theater in hopes of seeing Clara. He waited there for a long time but couldn’t find her. Sad and disappointed, he returned home. That night, he couldn’t sleep and kept thinking about Clara.


The next day, Sean was standing at the neighborhood bus stop. The weather was lovely, and Sean was already smitten with Clara. Suddenly, he saw Clara walking in with her friend. Both of them were waiting at the bus stop, with some schoolgirls standing between them. Sean set his eyes on Clara, and after a while, Clara noticed him. Sean’s heart fluttered, feeling nervous and excited at the same time. The morning breeze was soothing, yet his mind was filled with numerous questions.

They boarded the bus. Sean sat at the rear side, while Clara sat near the aisle. He couldn’t help but constantly gaze at her, silently asking God, “If this is the girl for me, then please show me the right way.” With eyes closed and fingers crossed, he suddenly felt a soft touch on his hand. One of the schoolgirls handed him a piece of paper. When he examined it closely, it was the same movie ticket with an answer from Clara: “Cafe Brewster @7pm.”

Sean was thrilled, his heart pounding out of his chest. Finally, she had responded, and she wanted to meet. For a long time, Sean kissed the movie ticket. He had never experienced such happiness in his life for such a long period.

Soon, their meetings began. Love, affection, and passion came at the right time. They started to enjoy every possible moment after love entered their lives. Happily married for over 10 years, both were preparing for their 11th wedding anniversary evening. Clare knew it would be an evening at their regular restaurant followed by a ball dance. She was set and prepared. What came next was a delightful surprise for Clara. Sean called her and said, “Darling, everything is as per schedule. The only change is, instead of picking you up from home, I shall pick you up at the movie theater where we first met.” Clara said, “Okay, I will see you there.”

The time came, and Sean reached the theater on time. Just like before, he searched for Clara, and she pretended to meet Sean for the first time. They both reached the same spot. Sean kissed his wife and gave her a diary in which all the movie tickets from the last 10 years were pasted—yes, all the movie tickets, movies they had seen together.


Romantic Couple Kissing

There was a note written to his wife:

“Thank you, Clara, for being in my life and making me more lovable and responsible. Your love for movies is the reason why we are together. This place is special, and all those hours spent with you in the theater taught me how to desire and dream. Remember our first kiss, honey? It was heavenly. All the secrets that slept deep within my soul awakened, and everything became important thereafter, everything made sense.”

Falling in love with you again and again,

Your loving Husband,



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