The Music Inside

The entire human body is nothing but a beat
mechanism. We have several sounds within that can actually give us a pure state
of happiness and peace.


You need to sit and observe your breathing
pattern to understand this melancholy. The life we have created today is fast
and competitive. The achievements of mankind are nothing but subjected to
anxiety and depression. We are only running after something which is not
concerned with the inner self.


We can remain blissful for an entire 24 hours
every day, but we have chosen such patterns of work that has created a
blindfold and taught us that only two days in a week are enough for


I’ve observed some people forget themselves,
their true being and try to impress other people. If you like someone one
that’s fine, but when you start imitating him or her is the root cause of the
problem. In the process what happens is, we start to believe and dream things
like others which is sometimes beyond our reach. When we live in delusion, it
hits us hard, not physically but mentally. Being in self and understanding your
own rhythm is important to achieve the peace within.

Take for example, a mimicry artist. He has the
capacity to mimic several voices of different personalities. Sometimes he does
it so perfectly, that he wouldn’t able to establish his own voice in public.
It’s very simple. The sounds of your body should convey your own  thoughts.


In another instance, there are two flute
playing the same tune. But you may find only one, none or both of their
music soothing to ears. The amount of air they blow from the mouth to play the
flute is called music, but sometimes only some artists succeed to produce
enchanting melodies.


Lord Shri Krishna has that magic in his hands
and mouth. Whenever he played the flute, humans and animals both were
attracted to it equally. Such is the power of you, within that it can hit the
highest chord attracts to both normal and supreme

Your individual quest and seeking nature can
take you to the state, where you can unlock so many facets of your personality.
Normally, most of the time we are concerned with health checkups only when there
are any signs or symptoms in our body. At this time we ignore all other organs
which are working fine in our body.


The act of seeking comes and truly blissful
when we are super ignorant about what’s happening around us. If we truly
concentrate and raise questions then we may find our own answers.


Sitting and just concentrating on the rhythm
of your breath has many health benefits. It will not make you healthy
mentally,  but can prevent all your
anxiety and various health issues.


You can call it Vipassana, meditation
anything. The truth is, it helps you to understand life better. It makes you
happy within, whatever work you do thereafter brings happiness and joy in your




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