Smart Tips for Watching Horror Movies Without Trauma

The Genre horror is currently in very much demand. Out of 10, seven movies, web series, videos and podcasts are made on the horror content. This is because the horror genre got all the elements which can keep audience thrilled and hooked till the end of the movie or a web series.

Every year across the globe, numerous stories, podcasts, and articles on the horror genre are written and telecast. Watching horror movies is really challenging especially when you’re watching it with your family and friends.

In the past ten years, a significant amount of horror content has been produced and consumed. Most viewers consume this horror content through digital mediums. Over the past few years, vodcasts and podcasts have become extremely popular because most of the stories are based on true events. This is working like a niche that is set to break all records of success in the next five years.

The production companies which make the horror content mostly put a disclaimer stating , ” These stories are NOT for the faint of heart! Legally, it keeps them safe from any dispute.

It is up to the viewers to decide how and when to watch the horror movies! It’s just not the question of young and old, strong and weak, Some horror movies disturb your mental health in the aftermath of watching them. This is most sickening situation to the human health. For days, it plays with your mental health including getting nightmares and feeling uneasy.

In this article we shall discuss what are the ways and techniques by which one can watch horror movies safely, especially watching it with your family, loved once and friends.

Safe Ways to Watch Scary Movies:

  1. Keep you eyes half open, half close : Whenever any scary scene comes and starts scaring you, at such a time your eyes should be half open and half  closed, so that the impact of that scene does not affect your heart and mind too much. In that situation you will only hear the music and screams on the screen only.

      2.Usage of TV remote

Compare to the scary scenes, the background music and camera work becomes scarier. There are some such scenes where the spirits are summoned using a psychic medium or Ouija board, the caller then says, “Who is here? Can anyone hear me?” In such scenes, if you reduce the volume of the remote, it will not cause much discomfort, and you will be able to watch the scene. The volume can be managed on the mobile devise too. Watching such scenes in a cinema hall is heart pounding, under such circumstances, you may use point number 1.

  1. Watch different objects in a scary scene

We all know that watching horror movies means torturing ourselves. But sometimes, to keep our friends happy and maintain our false pride, we end up watching such movies even when we don’t want to. The best way to watch a scary scene is to watch other objects on the scene as compare to watching directly the scene where a ghost or spirit involved. For instance, in the movie, Hereditary, When Peter sees his father’s charred corpse, his mother’s ghost is behind him, and there’s another shadow at the door. If you want to avoid watching such terrifying scenes, you should look in the opposite direction on the screen where it isn’t scary. If the ghost is stuck to the ceiling, you should look in the opposite direction or focus on another object in the scene that is less frightening, so you can avoid deep trauma while watching Horror Films.

  1. Fast forward and rewind

This is applicable only when you are watching horror content at home. When you know a frightening scene is approaching, simply fast forward the remote until the scary scene stops. It is less traumatic to watch scary scenes at 3x or 4x speed. This way, you still know what you missed. Rewind the scene if you wish to watch it at normal speed. This whole exercise will prepare you to watch the horror scene again with an informed reaction.

  1. Talk to your friends and near one

watching horror movies in a cinema hall

There’s no shame in openly telling your friends and loved ones that you feel scared while watching horror content. Holding each other’s hands while watching such movies can lessen the fear. There’s nothing shameful about it; no one can call you a coward for a two-hours movie. You should openly tell your girlfriend, boyfriend, friends, or family members not to judge you for a lifetime based on a two-hours movie. The people who judge your personality merely based on a two-hour movie are not your well-wishers.

Some people might find this article amusing because most of us use all sort of tricks to watch horror movies without letting anyone know we’re scared. The main purpose of writing this article is to highlight to take care of our loved ones. There have been numerous reports of people dying for various reasons after watching horror movies.

In some countries, there are 24-hour horror channels. We need to filter our entertainment to maintain our physical and mental well-being. We must instruct our minds on how much to watch and when to watch it. While watching horror content can be enjoyable and thrilling, it can cause some people to feel restless and anxious for many days afterward.

It’s our responsibility as the audience to choose the right content for ourselves to maintain our mental well-being. We need to be more responsible and think about which family members should avoid such content. As a responsible family member, we should protect those who are more vulnerable.

No one openly admits, ‘I’m scared,’ or ‘I’m a coward.’ Each individual must understand who in their family is more sensitive and likely to get scared.We can’t risk the well-being of any family member or friend for the sake of a two-hour movie.

The world is changing rapidly. No one can stop these changes. You can only control what is within your hand. If you do not take control, such a situation can lead a person to become more desperate and addicted to an unbreakable habit.

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