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Actor Meryl Streep once said, “Acting is not about being someone different. It’s finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there.”

About thirty years ago, in Germany, there was a contest named the best look-alike of Otto Waalkes (a German comedian).

The amusing part is that Otto himself participated in the contest and ended up in 2nd position.

The world is full of mysteries and amazing happenings. Mother Nature always surprises us. Two people are living different lives, yet their appearances are shockingly similar.

According to research, there are about 7 to 8 people in the world who look exactly or similar to you.

When we witness such phenomena by nature, we are left speechless. The only common thing among all of these personalities is that they belong to one profession, and that is show business.

Vyjantimala and Kate Winslet

In their youth, both look similar. Even their face shape is a mix of a heart and square shape. Their eyes, face outline, nose, and lips all look the same.Winslet in her even tonned complexion and expressive eyes display a timeless elegance that fascinated the audiences across generations. Meanwhile Vyjantimala’s magical dance moves and graceful features bewitched audiences in the golden age of Indian Cinema.

Robin Williams and Raj Kapoor
This is remarkable; Robin Williams bore a 90 percent resemblance to the Indian Showman, Raj Kapoor. Their eyes, body structure, and height made them nearly identical. To provide further clarity, Williams in the early 90s looked similar to Raj Kapoor in the 70s.

Meryl Streep Image

Meryl Streep and Kareena Kapoor

Both are like sisters from different mothers. Only their looks match; there are no other similarities between them. Their oblong face shapes, smiles, and eyes bear a resemblance.

Ryan Reynolds and Hrithik Roshan

The Green Lantern appearance of Ryan and the Krish avatar of Hrithik are strikingly similar. Moreover, when they perform on screen, their actions and mannerisms also match each other.

Nicolas cage and Uday Chopra

The national treasure Nicolas cage looks and the Bollywood actor Uday Chopra do not have anything in common, but some of their features. If Uday’s face shape would have a heart shape, he would look exactly the same as Mr Nicolas cage.

Michelle Pfeifer and Aishwarya Rai

If you watch the movie “One Fine Day,” you’ll notice actor Michelle Pfeiffer’s surprising resemblance to Indian actress Aishwarya Rai. Their movements of arms, yelling, smiles, and poised dialogue delivery all appear similar.


Angelina Jolie and Bipasha Basu

Angelina has a square face shape, while Bipasha’s is oval. They both share some common features. Their eyes and some facial features are similar.

Penelope Cruz and Disha Patani

The facial contours of both these actresses are similar. Their eyes, noses, and even their smiles are strikingly alike. They share one more similarity: their beauty transformations over time are also identical.

Steve Martin and Saif Ali khan

Both of their facial contours, especially their eyes and noses, are the same. Steve mostly did comedy, and Saif possesses a unique voice; his comic performances resemble those of Mr. Martin.


Celebrities with similar faces speak to the interconnectedness of cultures, the universality of beauty, and the divine artistry in granting different shades to similar countenance across the world.

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