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Creating content for music both in the blogging and video creations field is a challenge that every creator is aware of. Organic traffic on your website or YouTube video purely depends upon the unique content you create regularly.

In this article we shall discuss new ideas for the beginners who is looking to open new YouTube music channel.


The other word is ” jamming” . If you could manage music lovers in live streaming with the help of zoom video conferences, it would bridge music cultures across the globe. Here people can talk about music, sing songs, play instruments, discuss, comment and do all possible stuff which is good for music.


YouTube has an audio library channel where users can freely download music to add in the background of the channel. You can leverage this by creating pieces of background music on your own and can make them available for free to the users worldwide. This may gain popularity and speed list of subscribers.


There are various channels available on YouTube which teaches music. Some of them are popular and get millions of views. Despite that the question is how much value your channel creates among users? This is simple, no matter whatever you teach ,you must be able to create a good user interface especially when you are teaching online. For instance, if you are teaching the language of music theoretically, a practical demo on the instrument could help a lot to understand the concept. Also, if you could add a zoom in feature while playing the tune in the class would make the things easier for the viewers.


This got to be a task of research and detailing. A number of channels teach music on YouTube, but most of them miss out on detailed explanations on the terminology and functionality.

To understand a particular terminology, the user is searching various other channels after coming out of the channel which they are watching first. There is a wider scope of opening such channels.

Entire language of music is under one hub. The channel includes things right from teaching the notes to explaining the meaning of the terms used in the music language.


Create a channel which involves musicians, singers etc whose work inspires others. A plain content on music anyone can design but creating content on how music shaped up people lives and work would be remarkable. Search for an element of motivation and inspiration in the story. Inspirational and motivational channels on other topics are a big hit on YouTube, then why not a channel inspiring people on how to excel in music?


Another unique concept of opening a music channel on YouTube is by translating songs across the globe. This could give you a global audience because there is no dearth of songs in different languages worldwide. Imagine, you could actually end up by educating yourself by knowing different composition styles in song making. The concept is to pick melodious songs and explain its meaning with lyrics to your audience. Of course, you need to be vigilant here regarding the copyright issues. At present there are songs of different languages on YouTube which flash only the lyrics not the meaning. You can create a unique niche in your style by translating the song in the language known to your target audience. The final output would be fruitful only if you work well on sound and aesthetics of the visuals.


This is a trending thing on YouTube . Interviewing musical artists who have got talent in the musical field . It is not necessary to interview celebrities only. You can contact people who are famous on social media like Facebook, Instagram or on Twitter. Creating video podcasts on the topic is also a happening thing on YouTube these days. A podcast length is not defined. However, you must create the interview which should add value to people who are music enthusiasts. Before uploading the video, check all technicalities, especially editing and sound. A successful podcast video is a combo of smart editing and sound work.


Your channel selling instruments for arranging a sale for people who wish to buy instruments at cheap prices or used instruments can be a good idea. There are a lot of people, especially beginners who surf online to buy instruments, but cannot afford due to the high cost involved. A lot of ecommerce websites are into selling different instruments, but on every website the prices differ and hence it becomes difficult for customers to make a purchase. Creating a channel that can sell your instrument or giving information on where to buy good quality instruments can fetch a lot of traffic on YouTube.


Often it happens that beginners want to try music software to create and edit music. If you render information on various music software and apps that can teach how to play music, edit music and mix music, you might get good viewership on your channel. Identify sources which are best and render free service. There are channels which help users in getting the free information but later on it is found that those apps and software give only free trials for a limited period and charge money thereafter. Stand out from those channels if you want to be successful.


This is a challenge for content creation. It requires knowledge and research to share legal aspects of music. For instance , the law of copyright in music, laws of ownership, royalty, post death royalties’ procedures, contractual law, publishing rights laws and various others are topics of research and analysis .

The content creator should keep a tab on changes or amendments on such laws and inform their subscribers on a timely basis.

Finally, you can work according to your niche, but what matters is how you stand out in the competition? Creativity is fun, if , you understand the art and science behind it.


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