The Art Of Auditions

The term audition refer to the process or steps taken by the production houses to search aspiring actors. The
candidates showcase their talent, viz acting in front of the set panels.
Auditions are the gateway to make your step towards theentertainment industry. This is the most important process and needs due preparation.
Some basic things that one should do before, during and after the big audition
For getting selected to the audition , you need to drop your photo, acting video clip to the casting director.
Most auditions are by invitation only Ra
re are the cases, when you get call from the casting team.
Normally on selection, they called you and give free pages of a script. If it’s on theater than you have to be ready with some kind of monologue.
Important steps
  • Read all the matter carefully and by heart it
  • Understand the skin of the character, so it would look
    real when you perform
  • Commit full focus on the character
  • Most importantly perform in a way you are comfortable
    with. Of course the person who is judging you can tell to bring in some
    variations, be ready for it.
If there are two people involved in the audition, then your tuning with him/ her is the most important.
Before you go to the audition, dress for the part. Respect the character and keep one thing in mind that the audience should not feel cheated. Wear clothes that fit the character and the story. If you’re playing a local hoodlum don’t get dressed up in a police uniform.
  • Before auditioning, eat right, sleep well and smell
  •  This is the most important aspect. Your physical appearance can be judged
    by the stakeholders. 
  • Work on your voice, diction and mental health. 

With physical exercise, mental fitness is damn essential. Remember audition is not the beginning,it is the final take that will decide your acting career. Don’t go if you are unwell.

  • Nobody’s is your friend there
  • Do not chit chat with other actors, they will only try
    to distract you. 
There is only one chance and everyone wants to grab it. Do not eat or drink from others. Refuse politely. Focus on your actual job.
Casting director is the captain of the hour. Make him happy, listento what he says and instruct. If you make the casting director happy,then you are in. Be part of the team, feel if you are actually working for the production house. 
  • Make everyone believe that
    you are the perfect candidate for the character. 
  • The right kind of involvement
    fetches you good results for sure. 
  • REMEMBER the first impression is the last
    impression for the casting director.
Follow the formal rules of a corporate office. Never get friendly with anybody including the casting director. Code of conduct matters.A little nervousness is good but don’t go overboard. Don’t look like a prey,
keep a formal body language.Dont not expect and make a questioning eye contact with the casting director. Just leave the place, they would call you, if you are selected.
  • A good actor is one who comes, acts and leaves the show
    as soon as the curtain falls down. 
  • All successful actors are good
Make a recording of your performance.  A recorded audition always has scope for improvement. Inside somewhere you know, what mistakes you had done. So a video recording or audio recording always
helps to rectify mistakes. After giving the audition, do not think too much about it. If nobody calls you then move ahead with good memories and remember it as a learning lesson.
Share your audition story to the people whom you trust more and can confide with. Analyze, what mistake you have done, there is always have scope for improvement.


Casting Director Role


Five D’s are Essential for giving successful audtions  :
1. Determination
2. Dedication
3. Discipline
4. Deonerate
5. Descry


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