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There are three type of people who can sing, viz:

1.Someone sing out of a hobby.
2.Someone singing for earning money
3.Someone singing for a passion

Professionally it is found the third category got the highest success rate. If singing becomes your passion and you are fearless, willing to learn and accept your limitations then there are chances you will succeed in the field of vocals.


1.Trust your master

There is no meaning of knowledge without a master. Take training from a good master who can shape your voice. It is a matter of luck and good deeds to get a good teacher. In the field of singing those who know how to know seek a good master, they are walking on the right track. A right Guru will teach you the real techniques of singing and help you rectify various flaws in your voice

Never doubt your master capabilities. Be a good disciple and learn the art with dedication.

2. Vocal health

Along with the physical health of a singer, maintaining vocal health must be the top priority. Eat food which suits your system and should not put unnecessary burden on your vocal health. Try to avoid conflict situations in life which consist of absolute screaming and shouting. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Sufficient liquid in the body soothes and relaxes muscles and veins. There are vocal exercises which helps to
shape your voice. For instance, Singing loudly in a certain manner could help
in identifying the real capabilities of singer voice.

3. Practice and Patience

A singer is an artist whose vocals improve with practice and patience to wait for the right opportunity. For a singer, the morning hours are good for vocal practice. Try to take at least 6 hours of sound sleep. Morning time between 4 to 6am is considered to be an auspicious and fruitful time for students. Your mind’s receptive abilities are at a higher level in the morning hours.Morning time between 4 to 6am is considered
to be an auspicious and fruitful time for students. Your mind’s receptive
abilities are at a higher level in the morning hours. In the morning hours, the
cognitive abilities work at a different level, so it is always best to take
advantage while practicing.

4. Filter your social circle

In order to become successful in the singing profession one must need to connect and stay in good company. Your social circle must understand your dreams and they must not demotivate you. It is in our hand to allow who should be our friends and whom we must not meet. Try connect with people who share similar
interests. Jamming sessions with people whom you are comfortable works well
especially if you are in to singing. 4 to 5 people singing together in a
jamming session can do lot of brain storming about the dos and dont’s of
5. Stay away from Addiction

Art is a divine thing and true artists must not fall into the trap of addiction. By addiction we mean substances that can destroy your vocal cords. Staying away from smoking and alcohol is the job of a true artist. It is not good for a true artist to consume such things even in moderate quantities. Needless to say, People who do drugs or
take performance enhancer before a live show are only damaging themselves in
the long run.6. Appreciate others work

A true artist is always free from jealousy and unwanted attention. It is very pertinent to the singing profession that you must focus to better yourself. Also appreciate others’ work and get inspired. Observation and constant efforts to improve yourself are the key components to be a successful singer. If you are appreciating others work, in
turn you are inspiring your own self. This is the key for a successful singing


7. Develop your own style

It is inevitable to not follow your favourite idol. It’s a natural tendency to copy your favourites in the process you must develop your own style of singing. A singer with his unique voice has more advantage over the one who copies other voices. Some artists are gifted with unique voice
and some take time to discover themselves. It is always good to stay different
and unique to positioned yourselves in the competitive world of the music


8. Family support is important

While selecting a professional as your career choice, it is your duty to tell your family members about your dreams and aspirations. Sometimes family support and sometimes not. This field has a lot of ambiguity in terms of achieving success, so better keep your plan B ready. Tell your family the positive aspects of it
and make them realise that how much serious and dedicated are you to the craft.
Each individual has a different circumstance in their family. Take it as a
challenge if your family is not supportive.


9. Healthy lifestyle

Our body is like a temple which needs purification every other day. With physical health, your mind should also stay healthy. Practice meditation and yoga exercises and follow a healthy lifestyle. Good health is the most important aspect to achieve success in the singing profession.Treat your vocal health as an asset and
value it.


10. Be ready for failures

The most important lesson of life’s failures and how you learn from it. Absorbing failures without disturbing your peace of mind is an art to learn. Managing failure must be your priority in the field of uncertain show business. If you have friends and applauders, be ready for those who criticize and deviate.

11. Struggle until you succeed

Getting success in the field of singing is not an easy piece of cake. You must befriend the word struggle if you want to fulfil your dreams. Only a positive mind can fight their own devils. When the journey is long you must be equipped and trained to reach your destination safely.

12. Self-Swot analysis

Do self-analysis. SWOT analysis means deep study of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities not to be missed and threats situations around.

Remember one thing, if you have the talent and good company, no one can stop you from becoming successful.


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