Tips to write a film song

Film music is different from classical and categorized music . Both these disciplines require a certain set of skills. Film music comes from analyzing different human relations and behaviour in the societies.


1.Good listening skills

A good command over any language comes from dedicated reading and patience. Similarly, if you want to become a good songwriter then you must listen to all songs as per your language preference. Every song written is a piece of emotions and tells a story.

2.Follow a pattern of listening for a specific genre

If you want to write a sad song and are looking for a vocabulary, listen to various sad songs of your preferred language. If you listen to 10 sad songs, for instance, you are giving your 30 to 40 minutes to the listening. Ultimately, you are attending the music class. Write down the various words that are used to write these sad songs. Study the words and create your own lyrics with the usage of these words. Try to understand the emotion behind the words. Rhyme the available words and write your own songs. This exercise not only makes you able to write, but also it will help you increase your vocabulary.

3.Read literature and Poems

When you read a sentence in literature, it prepares your mind for different situations. This helps in song writing because a good lyricist, always understands the situation of the script well then penned the lyrics. Reading often fills you with rich words and life situations. Poem books and books with interesting stories enhance the reader’s capabilities towards creative excellence.

Reading helps you to use the right word in the right place, especially when you are writing a poem or a song. Sometimes people who do not read are also able to write poetry. For that one’s life experiences work as a reference to the lyricist.

4.Pen it down and practice

Unless you start writing something, you won’t be able to excel as a lyricist. It is essential to sit and write on a paper. Anything which you think can be written on a piece of paper. It might be anything, daily logs, an interesting event, meeting with a stranger, daily conversation with the outside world. Just write it down in your language and see how it is shaping up. Show this stuff to your near and dear one. Take their opinion. Remember a good book when written takes a lot of errors and edits to reach it to the end consumer.

5.Rhyme the word – biggest challenge

Rhyming the appropriate word is the biggest challenge to the lyricist. While rhyming the word, care must be taken that it should not lose the essence of previous lines. Rhyming is an art. Some people are blessed with it and some learn over a period of time.

6.Start well and end well

A good songwriter always takes care of the starting line, the middle body and the ending of the song. The opening lyrics should catch the attention of the listeners. The middle part of the song should give your audience a fee that they are listening to a good story. Most importantly, the ending lines should make your listeners revisit the song once again.

” A good craft is a result of lots of rough drafts”


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