Dhort Love Poems


Unexpected Events

How do I bring that sunshine back?

How do I fill the crack?

You’re this strange behaviour

Have completely taken me aback

A long Wait

The shelter that you have made

Have a door open to mistrust and ego

How long should I wait to get it locked and let our relation glow

Visible Signs

I can see the storm coming our way

I can see the hands began to pray

Why can’t you feel the pain?

That is inevitable and going to stay

Beware Of The Fire

The screenplay of love has lots of twists and turn

Your hands for sure is going to burn

Beware of the heat beware of the fire

Beware of the unexpected wishes and desire

Wheel Of Love

The wheel of love is moving and will never stop

Like a heartbeat, fast and irregular

Like a carefree flow of a river

The wheel of love is moving and will never stop

A Small Place In Your Heart

I’m looking for a place in your heart

A place of peace which will never depart

A place permanent where I can park all my worries

And compose the symphony of love like Mozart

Sweet Nostalgia

I’m engrossed in a sweet nostalgia

The rain at the beach and that umbrella

Our love bloomed in the monsoon during that long beach walk

All the memories flashing in front of my eyes

I’m engrossed in a sweet nostalgia

Filter It

Sometimes it’s better to leave the bitter

Sometimes it’s wise to separate and filter

Sometimes for the sake of love…

For the sake of love.

Ready To Love

I’m determined and ready for love

I’m determined for the long haul

I’m determined for the word of pledge and commitment

I’m determined and ready to love

The Zone Of Trust

In my thoughts and dreams

I dream our future together

In the zone of trust and love extreme

I dream our future together

Beautiful Autumn

The morning breeze of autumn

Came with a sweet hymn

Passing through your beautiful face

The morning breeze of beautiful autumn

Absolute Probability

Your presence in the church is a true serendipity

your beatific expression and the church bells

The choirs singing and the melody unveils

Love wrapped in absolute probability

Two Sides

One side of the road is green and gay

The other side is muddy with lots of clay

It is enough to shape and define art and life

The Moon Is Far

The moon is far and burning

Every night passing is a leap of faith in love

Every morning comes with anxiety top to toe

The moon is far and burning

Stay With Me

Stay with me stay to nurture

The complexities of relationships are breaking my dream

I’ve not vowed to foreclosure

Stay with me stay to nurture

Love Will Remain

Love will remain like a honey in the flower

Like every minute in the hour

For every season and reason

Love shall remain like a honey in the flower

Sun is Shining

The sun is shining and the river is flowing carefree

There’s hope in every layer of the cosmos

Love will remain forever and ever

Mixed Thoughts

Imagination is essence of love

Brewing in the brain with mixed thoughts

Only to produce filter colours of love

That are sweet and bitter sometimes

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