Bollywood Holi Songs

Holi is an ancient Hindu festival, celebrated in India since before or after the 4th century. According to the legend, Bhakta Prahalad was a devotee of Lord Vishnu and son of King HiranyaKashipu, King of demons.

Prahalad’s father was against Lord Vishnu and did not like his son following him. Hiranya Kashyap’s sister, demoness, Holika sat with Prahalad on a wooden pyre lit with fire. Holika had a boon of staying fireproof, she thought that Prahalad’s end was near. But Prahalad’s devotion and dedication towards Lord Vishnu turned the table down and Holika herself got burned in the fire. The victory of good over evil set a precedent then and there and after Holikas got burnt, people started celebrating the festival called HOLI.

Holi festival is celebrated to eliminate old grudges and to start a new season of festival and friendship. Universally accepted, Holi now is a festival of happiness and for all humans.

Holi festival is celebrated with sprinkling of different colours, colours with water and water on each other.

Gujiya and Puran poli are two types of delicacy specially made during the festival of Holi among other sweets. People drink Bhang mixed drinks. Bhang has been consumed in India for centuries and it is a paste of cannabis plant added in various drinks to stay happy and high during the Holi festival.

Holi is a beautiful festival of colours that symbolizes peace, brotherhood and friendship. It surpasses the boundaries of race, religion and borders. Born in India, the beauty of the Holi festival is to make everyone happy and bring unity among people from all walks of life. Colours belong to everyone and so the festival of Holi.

The festival of Holi teaches the importance of devotion and selflessness. If we believe all religions in the world are different colours that are made to serve and to maintain universal brotherhood, life will become easier to live.

The story of Holi teaches you to see God in everyone including yourself. Festival like Holi only raises the vibration of love and affection.

Every festival is incomplete without dance and music. There are numerous songs played and sung during the Holi festival. Hindi films, songs, time and now have come up with good Holi songs. Bollywood Holi songs add fun and uplift the spirit of the festival.

Holi songs are not just a rendition of instruments and vocals, it is a story told with emotions. Every Holi song tells a story about love, culture and relationships.

25 Rare Bollywood Holi songs

1. Phagun ki rut aaye re – Holi

2. Tan Rang Lo Ji Aaj – Kohinoor

3.Daro Re Rang Daro – Jogan

4. Holi Aaye Re Kanhayee – Mother India

5. Rang Bhari Holi Aayi – Hamara Ghar

6. Aaya Holi Ka Tyohar – Navrang

7. Khelo Rang Hamare Sang – Aan

8. Jogiji Dheere Dheere – Nadiya Ke Pyar

9. Holi Khelat Nandlal Biraj Main – Godaan

10. Nandlala Holi Khele Biraj Mein – Mastana

11. Dheere Rang Daalo – Naya Raasta

12. Aji Ek Sang Udao Rang – Zamane Se Poocho

13. Rang Doonga Sabko Main – Andhera

14. Aayi Mohan Milan Ki Bela- Banjaarin

15. Layi hai hazaron Rang Holi – Phool Aur Patthar

16. Holi main Haule – Insan

17. Neela Peela Hara Gulabi – Aapbeeti

18. Nacho Rang Udao – Sukhdukh

19. Baje Mridang Kanha Khele Rang – Chota Bhai

20. Dil Jhoom Rahe Masti Main – Bin Maa Ke Bacche

21. Holi Aayi Pyari – Pooja

22. Holi Aayi Holi – Shadyantra

23. Ang Main – Holi Aayi Re

24. Pakadh Phir Baiyya – Suhana Safar

25.Rang Bhari Rut Chayi – Wafaa


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