Best Music Quotes

When any art form speaks in a language of quotes, it becomes so inspirational and meaningful.Music is such a treasure and acts as an institution which teaches how to listen carefully, understand different cultures and experience various types of sound.

Various musicians and all those who have contributed to create eternal sounds from music are responsible for the birth of music quotes. Because when anything takes the form of a quote, it is nothing but an individual’s experiences and observations.

Actually, music quotes are nothing but small lyrics or poems that make you think deeper about life and people. Following music quotes is to inspire individual to love and connect to music.


“If you have fallen in love, then you must befriend music”

“There is porn, drugs and there is music.”

“Smoking a mouth organ is always a good idea”

“Music is another name of SPIRITUALITY”

“Music and meditation are the best therapy destination”

“Music and Books works as a healing soup”

“I have three Ms in my life…

Mother, Mountains and Music”

“If you want to get mused…

Learn Music”

“You had your first music lesson.

That is in your MOTHERS W0MB”

Material things will follow you

If you respect Mother, Marriage and Art”

“Girl’s love… when you play their hairs like guitar”

“You can paint the colour of love

If you identify the colour of music”

“We all are one because we all breathe MUSIC”

“MUSIC can bring rain to the earth and FIRE to a lamp”

“The other name for singers is HEALERS”

“A good music is a direct connection to the almighty”

“Music is like a beloved who will never leave you in your hard time”

“On every nation’s border there should be a music army”

“Trained or untrained any instrument you play will talk to you”

“Music and WIFI , both connect people”

“The language of music is the most civilized way to bring different cultures together”

“Even the most corrupt mind loves music”

“Put the earphone on and avoid the conflicts”

“Music creates cultures and civilizations”

“I’m infinity. I’m affinity. I’m MUSIC”

“Where there are Angel’s, there is good music”

“Music brings together the good, the bad and the ugly”

“Knowing music is the biggest degree of education”

“If you want to reach at the apex,

Try Music weed”

“You cannot hide real music and truth”

“Music is the first aid to the broken hearts”

“Learning music and theatre is like undergoing military training, only a person with true character and tenacity can learn it”

“A particular note when played generate certain emotion, that’s the power of Music”

“Like a river, music has several forms”

“You are blessed if you can play an instrument without training”

” With music around which reminiscing life experiences became a pleasant experience”

“Irrespective of music knowledge, only the luckiest souls get the privilege to touch an instrument”

“When music is around , there is no place for violence”

“Music training cleanses and purify your soul”

“Music learning is like driving a car which requires balance and a stable mind”

“My religion is music, what is yours?”

“A picnic without music is like body without a soul”

“Music is an elixir of life”

“Music has the power to bring evil and good mind together”

“Even on a remote island you cannot get rid of music”

“Learning an instrument is equivalent to a prayer”

“Even the most illiterate person looks scholar when he holds an instrument”

“Listening music is a kind of mental exercise, food for the mind”

“Music is the pilgrimage of all the art form”

“The most stressful work can be done if you have a music playing nearby”


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