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The King of Jazz Tito Puente, master musician and entertainer have been honoured in the Google Doodle section . The Animated picture illustrated by artist Carlo Aponte shows Tito holding flag of Cuba , dressed in vibrant red and playing drums. The colours in the illustration used are intense bright colour including red, yellow, blue and light shades of pink and peach.

Tito Puente was percussionist, songwriter, composer, recording artist contributed 50 years of his life to music. More than 110 albums on his credit, the bandleader Puente was blessed with the art of connecting music with people. Whenever he used to play or conduct his music. He was so innovative and focussed.

After meeting with an accident, the dancer in him became the percussionist thereby he thought like a dancer and act like a musician. Puente was well versed with marimba, saxophone and 13 other instruments. The love for Afro-Cuban music made him master in conga, bongo and the timbale.

Tito Puente surely knows the importance of being joyful and celebration while performing in front of the audiences. He was a big star or rather he is because legend never dies, there work stays back to inspire others, to share joy and teaches us to stay focussed while enjoying the journey of life.

Every generation have been enjoying and dancing on the music of Tito Puente. His sound of music was enchanting and foot tipping, In the 1950s the Mambo music was a craze, now it is called salsa. Actually, music is blessed with the sound of Afro Cuban beats and swing music, Puentes work is exemplary, he pioneered the sound in bringing criollas to the front of the orchestra. This was a unique feat achieved by Tito.

Google has honoured this legend which aptly depicts what is the essence of circle in Puente life, Tito life journey is about circles. The circles about drums that teaches that whatever we do in life we must complete the circle of life. The circle of society, You went through in order to find your true worth. No matter what ups and down you went through in life, you complete that circle leaving a legacy that not only made your community proud and it gives the message to each and every soul in this world that if there is consistency and honesty in whatever you do in life, at the end of the day are a happy person and sleeps well.

More about the legend

1. Tito Puente started music at the age of 13

2. He used to beat pots and pans and eventually his mother ended up sending him to music classes thereby the legend started to learn music

3. His best-selling album in the 1958-59 called Dance Mania, apt combinations of Cha Cha Cha, Afro-Cuban Sounds, Salsa and bossa nova

4. Interestingly Tito Puente was a part of military and served during world war II

5. The Legend strongly believed in jamming sessions. To go out and learn with people either jazz or Latin in the neighbourhood.

Creating gap is very easy, but those bridges them are true human beings and artists. Puente work inspires the new generation and teaches how to connect the generations, especially his Latin brothers and sisters. Music does not have any language, it doesn’t know who is Hispanics, American, African, Latin or Asian. It’s just the sound and creativity that makes people happy and those who are bestowed with such talents are true magician of the almighty. We salute the magician of the music , “Tito Puente



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