Movie Review

Important points require for a Movie review

Reading film reviews is easy and can  lead to judgement but writing a movie review
is not. It is a big responsibility to write a film review. There are two
things emerged rapidly in the current scenario;
  • Paid review
  • Public review
  • Paid review


Paid reviewers are those where the movie is declared to be
good and praise worthy. The reviewers are paid and manipulate with the mind of
the cine goer. It works in the initial week, where nobody’s knows how a movie
would fare at the box office ? The paid reviewer convinces the audience that
the movie is worth watching. It impacts the box office collection and therefore
mostly production houses prefer paid reviews.
  • Public review
Public review is the response given by the cine goers after
watching the movie in the initial two weeks. Again it can be paid public review
and unpaid genuine public review. Most of the people who are not sure about a
movie watch public review.
Movie reviews should’ve genuine and unbiased in nature. It
not only helps the public but also to the production houses . It advocate’s
public not to watch any movie below set parameters. For production houses it
indicates future scope for improvement.
A film review can help all the stakeholders who are
associated with the film making. Important points to write a good film review:
Always value content. See to it that the story has something
different in its narration. Content should not be mixed with the term
treatment.  A treatment can be different
with the same story told. But content is a freshly written story which is
unique and original.
The movie should engage the audience.  The level of engagement is important right
from the start to the climax.
Emotional connect
If you connect with the movie emotionally then chances are
high that the movie scores in rating.
Unbiased review
A movie reviewer should be unbiased towards any movie. A
good reviewer always ignore favorites and should be on neutral gear while
writing a movie review.
Entertainment and Educational value
After all a movie is made to entertain and educate its
audience. If the movie entertains you then praise it.  Praise it for its educational content and
Repeat Value
If you are coming out of the theater with good vibes and
want to see the movie again, then it has the repeat value. Most films with
repeat value fare well at the cash register.
Remember doing genuine movie review is a big responsibility
because if a good movie is not getting good reviews and accolades by the
critic,  creativity suffers in longer run
and a non deserving movie earning good review means compromising creativity
which will lead to a trend where undeserving movies remain in the limelight.


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