Arnold Schwarzenegger Singing

In the field
of art, one wrong decision can put best action behind the curtains. There are
some songs, that has become cult over a period. These were all sang by the
popular Hollywood actors.

Not only they are extremely good, but the
charm of these songs is the same ever since they have released.
Some of the Stars have mixed reviews on
their voice. Nevertheless, they tried and fairly done a good job.


Gibberish Song

Modern times

Performed by Sir, Charles Chaplin


Before singing this song, Charlie had
appeared in all silent films. Talkie films were made since from 1927. Charlie’s
popularity as a team in the silent films were at the peak. Audience were clamouring
to hear Charlie’s voice and at the right time and in right situation of the
film, Modern times, Charlie sang a song with no meaning. The song has great
melody and a beautiful choreography.


Cuban Pete song

The mask -1994

Performed by Jim Carrey


The makers finally want to cut this song
out because they thought it didn’t make any sense to have a musical song in a
comedy movie. But good that they included, and it became such a massive out
worldwide. If you remember watching this song first time, you don’t see it
coming. The entire scene including the song adds to the texture of the movie
and arguably the best scene in the entire movie and became the most memorable


Come together

Performed by Robin Williams &

Bobby McFerrin


Gone but never forgotten, Robin Williams
proved his mettle in singing teaming with Bobby McFerrin for the Beatles fun
cover of, come together. Robin will be remembered for his exceptional acting
and singing talent. In this song both the comedians did wonder with their vocal
cords. The beauty of this song is while Bobby doing vocalisation of the bass
line sound and Robin taking care of the vocal sounds. The chemistry of both the
legends results in the masterpiece by George Martin.


Dead or alive &

Pour some sugar on me

Rock of ages –2012-2013

Performed by Tom Cruise


The song is tribute to the legend Jon Bon
Jovi. Tom Cruise paid an honest tribute to the great singer and pulled off
brilliantly the 80’s swag and does the great job performing the song.

Tom, in an interview told that he literally
had taken vocal lessons for four months to learn the highs and lows of the
classic rock tunes.


Tom Cruise have surprised his fans by doing
the fictional character Stacy Jaxx.


The other song pour some sugar on me
equally performed well by the actor.


The switch 2008-2009

Performed by Will Smith &

Just two of us



Will smith be known for his spontaneity and
powerful acting He is just not multitalented but gifted with a universal
appealing personality. His constant search for perfection and integrity towards
his work makes him the most successful and respected actor on the earth.

singer turned Hollywood star was initially worked as an old school rapper, when
rape was more like a music. Will won two Grammy awards for the song, Parents
just don’t understand and for, home based, album released in 1991.

The instant foot tipping song, the switch
is wills most hummable and treat for party lovers.

The song just two of us, is a father and
son song. An emotional song, this will make you understand how a father share
his frank emotions with his son. Parents always wish well for their children.
This song is for every son, who think his father do not care for him. Its
verses are so touching that, ultimately it brings tears to your eyes.

Keanu Reeves

Sweet November song 2001-2002

Keanu Reeves was a part of a band as a guitarist, but also has amazing voice. In the movie, the Sweet November, he showcases his sweet voice. His voice has a certain charm that can be seen in the movie.


To close to paradise

Performed by Sylvester Stallone


Non singer, Sylvester Stallone is known for
his action-packed performances. He did fairly good job in singing in films
like, paradise valley and Rhinestone. Although he got mixed review for his
voice, but his sincere voice reflects in the, to close to paradise song from
the film, Paradise Valley.


Country song earthquake love

Performed by Arnold Schwarzenegger


The supernova terminator star tried his
hand in singing for, killing Gunther movie. The song too got a mixed review, but Arnold
did an honest attempt to the best of his capabilities.













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