Did Elvis Presley Take Singing Lessons?


Blessed are the people who play music and contribute melody to the environment. The language of music is very interesting and easy to learn, if taken seriously. When you listen to any piece of music in a concert or show, you get amazed at how the artists are playing such wonderful tunes. You have the instrument but you cannot play that kind of pro music.


The reason behind this is extreme training and practice. There are some people who can play instruments without any training. It is their love and passion that produces melodious tunes without any specific learning or training.

The shepherds in many parts of the Himalayan valley are those people who play beautiful tunes on the flute without any particular training. How is this possible? The answer is passion and love for a particular instrument. Similarly, many percussionists play drums or djembe without any training. It is their understanding and love for the music.


It’s like meditation, you sit and feel the rhythm inside your body and you get the balance in life. Amazingly such people are gifted by nature but behind this a strong will and observation works for them. A strong ear for anything can create new things. This means observation and sharp listening is the key.


The King of rock n roll, Elvis Presley does not know the theory and techniques of music He had a remarkable voice which was never formally trained he played his guitar upon his own sense of music listening to the songs he listened in his growing years. Elvis Arlon Presley developed his own style to record songs.


The Indian Legendary singers late Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar does not have any formal training in music. Their gifted voice and love for the craft made them what they are. Mohamed Rafi had a soft voice and sung songs for all the emotions in film music, whereas Kishore Kumar had a combination voice with a heavy throw and melody.



The band of four, Late John Lennon, Late George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr did not know how to read and write music. Yet they have mesmerised the music world with their rock music.


American Rock musician Eddie Van Halen, could never break music and he learned by watching and listening to the great to recitals of Bach and Mozart. He tried to reproduce them without any practice. Eddie learned music entirely by ear listening whenever his father and brother played saxophone and drums.

Guitarist and songwriter William Thomas or Tommy Emmanuel learned to play the guitar from his mother since he was a kid. He had never otherwise received any other formal training. He has never been able to read music even so performing with the family band as a professional.

The crux is either you have to have that passion or you should be gifted for such heavenly work. Having said that without a master any knowledge is empty. If you are undergoing any training, you must do it with sincerity and dedication.



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