Types Of Music Genre


There are some people who listen to a specific genre of music and some who listen to any random song.

Have you ever thought about why many of us listen to a particular genre repetitively?

In short you can assess some one’s personality by their choice of music. Having said that, one should also not forget the mood you are in, when you listen to a tune.

This Article is to understand the psyche behind listening to a particular genre of music or a song repeatedly.

Heavy Metal

The form of rock, heavy metal is a combination of technically accomplished artists, electronic gadgets, and a high intensity form of rock music. People who listen to such forms are happy, high on energy, adventurous, party lover and have high self-esteem.

Country Music

Originating from the fragrance of rural soil, country music is the most popular music genre. Here if you love the instrument and do not know how to play, you still can be part of the playing group by just playing easy beats and sounds. The instruments included in this form are guitar, mandolin, harmonica and fiddle. This form of American folk music is popular worldwide. The people who listen to such music are mostly hardworking, peace loving, nature lover, art lover, true lover, loves alcohol and happy go lucky souls.

Hip Hop

Hip hop music actually is the representation of reality, where the rapper is aware of what is happening in the surroundings. Hip hop is basically a youth culture with an appropriate mix of music and knowledge. Strong Headed, exploited, furious, fun loving people loves hip hop music

Jazz Music

Most unique and sophisticated form of music, Jazz, is born in Afro American societies. On stage improvisation, participating the audience by applying call and response techniques is jazz culture. In jazz music harmonies are used in an elegant manner. The swing in jazz music and individual progression by piano, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet and drums are responsible for creating the magic. People with high energy, both in joy and pain, aggressive and creative loves Jazz music

Classical Music

In simple words classical music is a literal period style of art and architecture. Music which is written for concerts and requires some training and literacy is classical music. Music played in churches, opera houses and in large concert halls is classical academic music. The beauty of classical music is it can migrate between other music forms, say, popular or folk. Violin, cello, harpsichord, clarinet, bassoon, oboe, flute, trombone, tabla, veena, sitar, sarangi, shehnai, natural horn, trumpet, cymbals are some instruments used in classical music. It is difficult to categorize people’s taste and mood in classical music. Someone in the happiest mood can listen to this form and vice versa. People believe in tradition and some who think only classical music is superior to others are ears to this genre.

If not to generalise the music taste and personalities of people here, some people in whatever mood love all types of sounds and music. There are some people who are locked in cultures and because of the language barrier are not able to understand the beauty of world music. True that music does not require any language, but the sound of music is subjective for some souls. Let’s try hard and make the sound of music pleasant and melodious immaterial of any genre.



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