Best Folk Songs Of All Time

The folk songs have their own importance and it is deep rooted culture and connected to the soil of any country.The ambience and climate of any region is responsible for folk music.

The people who sing such songs are not professional singers. They create such songs out of inner happiness and living their daily lives.Most of such songs are born out of hard labour. A farmer working in his field, a mother while working on a traditional flour mill, a group of people singing while grape picking. Their abstract humming and rhyming give birth to such unique songs or in fact What is native to your heart and soul is folk song culture. The sound of tractor, traditional grinding
machine sound, the sound of hammering iron by the blacksmith sometimes acts as
an instrument to such songs. These songs are not prewritten and practiced; they
are invented in the real time works of village folks.


The people who create and sing such songs are called folk singers.In ancient times such artists would get gifts in return for their singing. The gift would be in the form of a piece of jewellery, gold coins, piece of land and various other gifts.



Kashmiri folk song


The heaven on mother earth, Kashmiri folk
songs are incomplete without Rabab (an instrument invented in Afghanistan,
Kashmiris welcomed Rabab centuries back). The other instrument is a santoor (string
instrument). These two play an important role in all Kashmiri music.


Kashmir’s folk music is incomplete without
their different dances. Rauf dance (welcoming dance of the spring season), Jagran
dance is an important folk dance of the Jammu region, mostly performed in
wedding ceremonies. The next is Kud dance. People staying in the mountain
region used to do kud dance before monsoon. It is a form of praying to the
almighty to safeguard life and agriculture. Hikkat dance is performed on
religious and marriage occasions. This is a form of dance where only artists
use their vocals without any instruments. The next form is Baccha Nagma, mostly
used to perform at social gatherings and during harvest season. Next is Bhand
Jashan dance or imitation dance. A group of 10-15 artists perform this dance.


Kashmiri Folk Songs Image



Dhumal dance is a devotional dance performed by the wattle tribe of Kashmir on special occasions. The Dhamali dance of Kashmir also performs on special occasions like pilgrims going to the Ziarat Shrine. Bhand pather is a form of theatre dance depicting the evil of the society.



Russian folk music


Russian piece of folk music (Slavic) is
inspiring, uplifting and beautiful. With the music the historical and cultural
foundation of Russia is so rich and fascinating. In ancient Russia, verbal and
musical creation has been a way to pass on to the generation next. Forcing to
think about the far past, present and the future times, the folk music of
Russia is one of the great treasures of planet earth.


Russian Folk Songs


German folk song


A state of southwest Germany bordering
France and Switzerland, Baden Wurttemberg is a soil of evergreen people with
extraordinary scenic beauty. Blessed by nature, this place has a unique sound
of music. This music is played in big festivals and occasions. The folk songs
of Germany always cheer you up, thanks to the people of Germany, its culture
and blessed nature.

German Folk Songs


Nepal’s folk song


The country of beauty and peace, Nepal is
located on the eastern side of mother earth. The land where Lord Buddha was
born and where music is like chashni (sugar syrup). The people of Nepal are
beautiful, honest and hardworking, their rich culture taught them how to remain
respectful and loyal. Nepal is a heavenly and cultured place with an old
civilization. Nepal’s folk songs are songs of mountain and river


Japanese Folk Songs


Japan folk song


The land of the sun rising, Japanese folk
music consists of more vocals and less instruments. Their songs are similar to
the people living in mountain areas across Asia. Japan with its rich heritage
and culture is the biggest example of how to love your country and the fellow


Italy folk song


Italy’s folk songs depicting its resistance
towards their history. The rich museums, Architecture, food and music, beauty
everywhere, Italy folk songs ignite the passion to remain united in difficult
times. The beautiful language and melody in the songs makes Italy folk music
endearing to all who do not even understand the language.


Spanish folk songs


The folk songs of Spain are all from
different regions of Andalusia (south Spain), The folk music of Spain is
completely different within Spain. Flamenco in the south, Celtic in the north
west, jotas from Aragon and Basque. The guitar plays an important role in
Spanish music.

Switzerland folk music


When you listen, Swiss folk music, it
brings so much peace and joy. The country is blessed with beautiful nature and
lovely people. Type of Swiss folk music includes alphorn, yodelling and landler

The most impressive work on folk tunes has
been done in the 18th and 19th century. The most iconic instruments used in
swiss folk music were, the buchel, accordion and hexenscheit.

Cuban folk songs


Folk songs from Cuba are combination
uplifting and heart touching music. Folk music of Cuba is a combination of
African and Spanish music methods.

Tumbadora from the 1940s, timbales, the Cuban
invention, guiro, cencerro are some of Cuban instruments widely used in Cuban
folk music.


Cuba Folk Songs

New Zealand folk music


Maori music defines New Zealand folk music
with pride and valour. Maori culture is beautiful and powerful. The people of
Maori were warriors and fought bravely as any in history. Maori music consists
of dances and chants. The shouting sound in the Maoris songs fills one with
courage and commitment to accomplish something in life. Maori music comprises
waita (literally songs) and haka (war dances). Haka, Oro, Waita and Patere
includes the Maori form of music.

Folk music, be it of any region, any country help people to stay happy and united. It is the reason to inspire and to understand the connection with our motherland and its heritage.












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