Healing Chants

Sometime back I read these famous lines,” May all be
well. Listen, see and observe your breathe. If the Rhythm of your breathe is
properly heard by you, Any action taken by you will only give you happiness and
Right from our birth, music is connected to us. The very
first beat is heard by the baby in the mother’s womb. All human beings inherit music right from their birth.
The importance of music in healing and meditation is
accepted by those who tried and experienced it. Different kinds of music
affect differently in all living beings like medicine. It helps in balancing the body and freeing the mind.
The sound of chants has it’s own importance.  A chant is repetitive singing or praying of a
word or group of words. when you chant in group, it creates an energy which
ward off all negative energy in and around us. The chants give us hope that
humanity is alive and  generates the
feeling to be peaceful to ourselves and to others. The chants are not normal
form of music , it is something connected to soul and affects both sensible and
a senseless mind. Chants are usually for prayers and to praise the almighty which helps in your spiritual awakening.
Some chants have healing effect over body and soul. When you
hear any chant , it directly connects you to wellbeing and state of
positivity. It helps in breaking all complexes human body has, thereby stir the
soul and soften the heart and thus creates an environment of abundance mindset
So soothing, divine and blissful , the chants travel
directly to the soul and guide you to, how to live your best life !
With the stressful lives we live, there are gadgets of
technology which we have  created to harm
ourselves. For example, if we watch too much visuals on the mobile or listen
too much audio , it  creates anxiety and
a disturb mind. Sleep will get disturbed and our immunity suffers. To deal with
such kind of situation, listening to chant are the most effective remedy . Some
form of chants has the ability to cure anxiety without taking medicines and it
helps you to concentrate and witness infinite consciousness. When we listen
chants, it is nothing but we pray subconsciously, and indirectly we connect to
the supreme power.
You don’t have to be religious to love the chants. Even a
person who does not follow any religion can understand and benefit from it.
There are countries and thoughts which are based on religious ideology.  They need to understand one thing, what is
acceptable and likeable beyond boundaries are not subjected to religion. Music
is one gift from the supreme that can be enjoyed without understanding the
language. True religion is to ease and heal someone’s soul.
The Sound Of The Universe- OM
Om is the most powerful mantra of the universe. Every day
breathe and bathe in OM. The sound of beginning which cannot be measured. If
the universe is our mother, then Om is our breathe. It is not to be associated
with any religion. Its greatness and divinity were discovered by ancient
Scholars from India. Later NASA also confirmed that the sound Om is coming from
the sun and has relation with the Universe. Om got tremendous vibration and
frequencies which directly affects life and has tremendous healing properties.
Listening and chanting of Om, can cure depression and anxiety. It will make you
happy, calm and motivated. It helps where medication and counselling fail, the
power of om is such, that it directly connects and soothes our soul.
All Seven Chakras Healing Chant
Our ancient scholars ( Sages, yogis and sadhakas) found the
secrets of the universe much earlier . What are the seven Chakras?
They are nothing but points or location in human body which
when chanted with a specific sound affects the pain which heals certain
ailments associated with human health.
Chakras are key to life. It is a word comes from Sanskrit
which means a disk or a wheel. Our body is nothing but a field of both negative
and positive energy and thoughts. It is up to us, how we channelise the energy
A chakra is nothing but a swirling centre of energy in our
body that has stronger ability to heal and calm the disturbances inside our
body, which leads to ailments. In short, chakras meditation transforms our body
and rejuvenate it.
What’s are 7 chakras meditation?
There are various chakras in our body which manages the
energy. The important seven are :
Root chakra 1 – LAM
Sacral/navel chakra 2 – VAM
Solar plexus chakra 3 – RAM
Heart chakra 4 – YAM
Throat chakra 5 – HAM
Third eye chakra 6 – OM
Crown chakra 7 – AH
The chakra chants can feel waves of energy literally
traveling in our body. This is one of the most magical and powerful healing
meditation that helps in clearing chakras and balancing the chakras. After listening to this chant,
everything becomes empty and  peace lies
in place of anger, Light and love fills in your heart. This chant is boon for
those who all suffered from anxiety and depression. To balance the body and
mind it is essential to energize all 7 chakras. With this meditation one can
feel higher vibration that brings positive changes in life. After waking up in the morning and before going
to sleep, one must practice chakras meditation.
The chants have a certain frequency which creates changes in
your personality thereby bringing lot of positivity in your life. As a result, you channelise all the positivity around you and at the same time your work
towards the causes which are beneficial not only for you, but for the entire
life and for the universe. Chants are not for contentment and renouncing the
world, It is the most action driven practice which prepares you to live your
life happily and to achieve your dreams. You found the most authentic version
of you coming out by practicing these chants. It helps in creating another
universe in you which are secure and abundant with happiness and peace, that
makes your life happy and content.
Chants are not selfish practices; they teach you
selflessness. They give you the perspective to cut all the geographical
barriers of religion, diversity and helps you making understand that this world
is one big family.

Author Note : Please seek professional, spiritual masters help to diagnosis or for treatment. The information in this article is intended for your educational use only and it is not any medical or professional help.


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